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Virus & Spyware/AdWare Removal Specialist
Is your computer SLOW and POP-UPS appearing all the time?
You want your computer FAST like it was when you bought it?
Then its time to OVERHAUL your computer. For under $75* you can have your computer running like it was brand new! All you need are the original CD's that came with your computer and we will reload it just like it came out of the box. That includes all Microsoft Windows Updates and Free Microsoft Anti-Spyware.
* Does not include backup up of any data, email, address, favorites, etc., backup time is extra.

programming - 
Having worked with many different languages over the years, we are familiar with the programming tools necessary to work with your business data. Our experience with Visual FoxPro, (a XBASE file format) and the ability for us to connect to your web site, make it a great tool for manipulating your data within your business. We can program any custom application, either for use with the Web or to automate any inhouse process you might have. As for our web site development, we use ASP (Active Server Pages with VBSCRIPT) and JSCRIPT. These programming languages are very useful for connecting to Visual FoxPro and Access databases.

networking - 
Having managed many networks with NT4 and more recently Windows 2000 Server, we can both setup and manager your network configuration. As well as structuring and configuring your software, we can supply and install your hardware as well. If you have a network or need one, we can get the job done. Wheather you have a small busines or a large business network, we can tailor to your needs.

computer repair - 
Whether you have a new computer or one thats seen better times, computers do break down and wecan keep it running for you. I have a full working knowledge of all PC based system hardware. If its your hard drive that's bad, we will save as much data from it as possible. If your Operating System or any software needs to be installed/reinstalled, our experience with these systems, Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP and Win2000 Server, is complete.

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